Q: How nonprofits work? Do they have special rules?
Q: Can anybody start a nonprofit?
Q: I am an Artist; I want to share my vision with the world, would a nonprofit be the answer?
Q: What about the tax implications of a nonprofit?
Q: I just started a nonprofit, how can I apply for grants money? Gifts?
Q: Is it complicated to receive gifts, donations, volunteers for a small nonprofit?
A: Nonprofits (NPO) are organizations with special rules, among this rules a NPO needs a good reason to live "mission statement", "programs", "volunteers" etc.
A: Yes, anybody can. All you need is a good cause, or a special interest to share. For-profits and nonprofits start the same, what follows makes the difference. Consider the tax implications always.
A: A nonprofit is perfect to share your vision. I would suggest exploring the other options first. Keep in mind nonprofits are not there for the profits. Consider a for-profit first, and then if it is still the best option for you, go for it.
A: We can help you with that, you just have to take care about the mission of your organization and we worry about the IRS, the tax filings, etc. we have plenty of experience with for-profits and nonprofits as well.
A: If you have your organization in order, even if it is small nonprofit, grants money or gifts could be a big help for the programs you run.
A: It is all about how you ask for it. The same applies for grant requests. It is not complicated at all.
Q: I like animals; I want to share my love for pets, would a nonprofit be the answer?
A: A nonprofit would be just perfect. You could develop programs that help place abandoned pets find new loving homes.