Elizabeth Larson: Founder of Seicho Foundation
Los Angeles, California - 2010

" When looking for an accountant for our NPO, accuracy, efficiency and expertise were top criteria. Enrique’s knowledge and professionalism goes without saying. But I never expected to find someone as interested in and supportive of our projects as is he. In addition to tax services, he offers grant finding/ writing and outreach. A holistic accountant, if you will."

Jochen Walther: Treasurer of the Taliesin Fellows
Scottsdale, Arizona - 2011

"Enrique, thank you very much for the tax exempt filing. Also looking forward to talk to you about grant writing services and fundraising next time you're in town "

Isaias Castaneda: President of Chasing Dreams Foundation
Culver City, California - 2011

"Enrique, thank you very much for helping us start and managing our organization. Without you it would be impossible to understand all the paperwork and filing with the secretary of state and the IRS"