OREM Foundation

OREM Foundation has born to educate low income individuals and organizations in the financial area, tax awareness, and in the business field. To donate goods, services to low income individuals and organizations.


Enrique Otarola is the founder and executive director for OREM Foundation. Enrique entirely funded this dream that finally came true in 2011.


Enrique Otarola Had worked for multiple nonprofit organizations in the past years. Enrique had helped to improve accounting systems and procedures during his long career.


Enrique not only had worked for multiple causes at different nonprofit organizations, but  he also had helped to raise funds for multiple good causes such as to find cure for breast cancer, to find permanent housing for homeless individuals, to help prevent damage and protect the environment, to empower socially fragile young individuals throughout art work, to help shelter animals to find permanent loving adopting homes, to help outreach and understanding of young people with mental diseases, to encourage the entrepreneurship of individuals, etc.


Click on links bellow to view pictures and videos of Enrique's nonprofit work:

     Enrique Otarola
   Executive Director 
About us

2003 Fundraising for the Environmental Media Association of America, Westwood, CA

2010 Season of Death premier, Culver City, CA

2010 Skid row housing trust community outreach, Downtown Los Angeles, CA

2010 United way 5 Km walks to end homelessness, Downtown Los Angeles, CA

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2014 LeapFrog Project Launch in Chicago during AIA National Convention, Chicago, IL

2014 OREM Appreciation Party, LeapFrog Fundraiser at  Culver Hotel, Los Angeles, CA